Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eating Healthy

Lately I've been on a mission to eat healthier and non-processed!  The non-processed thing is so hard.  Americans lead fast paced lives, working long hours and cramming as many activities as possible into our lives.  This leaves little time to cook a homemade meal, not to mention one that doesn't involve a box or frozen good.  Frozen and box items are just so darn convenient!  I've recently seen some buzz on Facebook and other outlets about the Paleo Plan.  I decided to check out the website and liked what I saw.  It's a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood and low in foods that cause numerous health problems such as refined sugars and grains, dairy, trans fats, salt, high-glycemic carbohydrates, and processed foods.  The website is full of information and recipes.  You can even take it a step further and sign-up for $10/month and they will send you a weekly meal plan along with a grocery list.  I especially like the grocery list because it's designed to help you buy only what you need so there isn't a lot of waste.  If I decide to do the meal plans I will keep you guys updated on how I like it.  Last night I tried one of their recipes and it was definitely a keeper.

Zucchini and Ground Beef

The recipe calls for coconut oil which I had never used.  I was a little hesitant because I don't like the flavor of coconut but the oil really didn't have a flavor and there wasn't even a hint of coconut flavor in the dish.

Here are a couple of in the process photos

And the finished product which I paired with a Kalamata Focaccia round from Farrel Family Bread.  I know, I know, bread is a grain but it's going to be awhile before I can totally give up bread and at least this kind is organic :)


  1. Wow good for you! It looks yummy.

  2. Yum! Looks good! Let me know if you decide to do the menu plan. I'm curious!

  3. That's great! It seems perfect for you in that it still allows for plenty of red meat (from what I understand). I'm anxious to hear what you think going forward.

  4. We use coconut oil at our house for cooking lots of things, like stir-fry. Yum! I'll add the zucchini and beef to April's menu plan. Mmmmmmm!