Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello Friends

One of my goals for 2012 was to be a more consistent blogger - so far major fail!! I'm sure I'll get around to blogging about Christmas when Spring rolls around. I give props to those who do it daily or close to daily. It's hard, I always think of things I want to blog about but after sitting in front of the computer all day I don't feel like sitting in front of one all night. I do most of my nightly web surfing on my phone. Maybe I need an iPad! It would be so much lighter than my clunky laptop. Maybe if I told AB it would help me meet my goals he'll get on board. Ha! A girl can dream! The other problem is I've been relishing in the fact I no longer have to study by perfecting the art of doing absolutely nothing! And let me tell you, doing nothing feels great!

One goal I haven't failed at, I've actually done surprisingly well, is my spending freeze! As I predicted I had some withdrawals at first but found if you separate yourself from temptation it's much easier. I've cut out my lunch trips to Utica Square and I delete all emails from my fave retailers so I won't be tempted by awesome sales. I have to admit it hasn't been near as hard as I thought!

Have you been sticking to your resolutions? I hope so! Ug! I'll try my best to be a little more regular out here :)


  1. I have missed you! Hoping to be there Thursday so we can catch up! Great job on the spending freeze! That's a toughie.

  2. I think telling AB you need an iPad to meet one of your goals is GENIUS!! Ha!

  3. Well, you do have a birthday coming up in a few months. Perhaps AB could get you the iPad for a gift. Sounds like a practical, useful gift that will keep on giving. The trick is to always make a man think it's his idea, works every time.
    Love you!!!